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Some map and stragities guide

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Some map and stragities guide

Post by Macca_96 on Mon Dec 28, 2009 10:40 am


Description: Favela is a challenging map. The term “Favela” means “shantytown,” and shanty towns are full of tight corridors and blind corners. The trick with objective based matches is to know when to stick to the cluttered streets and when to rise to the rooftops. It’s
much easier to lose pursuers on the streets – every time they unload a round you’re already around the next corner. There’s less cover on the rooftops, but travel is faster and you can cover larger areas of ground. In general, use the low ground for offense (e.g. carrying a
flag) and the high ground for defense, but break that rule if your opponents seem to be neglecting either area. In Team Deathmatch and Free-for-all, your verticality will depend on how you like to play.

1) Large Street: This large street is the biggest open area in the map, and darting through it can be dangerous, since its easily covered by the nearby rooftops. Use the cars as cover
and weapons, and avoid sticking around for too long.

2) Shortcut: You can leap the gap between these buildings – a shortcut to reach the larger building without being exposed for to long. Going unseen is a key to succeeding in this map.

3) High Point:
This building is the highest point on the map, and can be used to cover a lot of ground – just watch out for any crack shots on/in surrounding buildings.

4) Street Maze: Rooftop snipers will have a harder time picking you off if you stick to this street maze. You can spend the whole match in this central section and still see a lot of


Description: This is a curious map, Its setting is reminiscent of creek from the COD4 DLC, but it plays very differently. At the southern end of the map is a large, two-storey estate house, which tends to become the centre piece of every battle (hence the name). It is defensible,
but not hard to infiltrate once you know the tricks, and when you’re in it’s easy to create a lot of confusion (smoke grenades help). Outside of the buildings, the map is wooded and encourages long-range combat and a lot of sprinting.

1) Side Entrance: The house has several entrances, most of which will get you killed most of the time. However, come around to the side and you’ll find a pile of logs that create a convenient path up to the second floor. Anyone inside will probably be focused on defending the doors or peering into the distance and looking for heads to snipe, so your surprise attack has a decent chance of wreaking a little havoc. Any way you enter, it’s rarely a bad idea to toss a stun grenade in first.

2) Greenhouse: The greenhouse next to the estate gets a lot of traffic, so it would be wise to lurk around behind it waiting for battles to erupt inside. Running directly through it can be dangerous, but most of the paths to the estate are dangerous, so that’s pretty avoidable

3) Gully: The central gully and path to the house is a popular one, but it can also be well covered by anyone on the second floor of the house. You’ll see a lot of the map’s action in this area, which either means that you’ll avoid it or gravitate to it, depending on how frantic you like your matches.

4) Roof Access: Yet another pile of logs on the back of this shack provides easy access to the roof, where large portions of the map can be covered. If you’re running near the area, remember to glance up in case you’re being scoped out by a prone sniper.

5) The Long Way: This side of the map is the least used, and is the safest, but longest, way to approach the estate.

6) Power Station: The power station doesn’t get a whole lot of action, but it can still be a dangerous place. Watch out for snipers on the building at number 4, and be wary of running up
the central path at number 3, as that tends to end in a flurry of gunfire and a respawn.


Description: Each side of this rocky desert map is fairly defensible, but given all of the narrow entry passages, one good enemy rush can trap you and your team in your base, where you will wind up frantically swatting at multiple enemy flanks. The middle of the map, however, is nice and open, and the ruins of an ancient jumbo jet add ambiance and a little cover. But be warned: get caught out in the central area and you’re a snipers dream (especially due to the overlooking bunkers), so either bolt through or take the long way round. While not the most secret-laden map, there are a few tricks and quirks to Afghan that can give you the advantage.

1) High Ledge: This ledge is a great sniping spot, and it’s made better by the pile of mattresses beneath it. Your cushiony friends below make a normally deadly fall survivable, creating a quick getaway route, especially if your opponent doesn’t know the trick and hesitates.

2) Bunker: The cliff top bunker here is a great spot for long-range defense, but like any stronghold, someone will come along and clear it out every once in a while. Stay vigilant.

3) Cavern: This roomy cavern leads directly to one of the flags in CTF matches. Its is the most obvious entryway and is thus a poor route to launch a real attack. However, with a riot
shield and some guts, creating chaos in the cave is a great way to distract the defenders while your teammates sneak around from one of the side entrances.

4) Gas Tanks: Use your environment! A pile of explosive gas tanks here can be used to scatter attacker’s limbs like jenga blocks. If for some reason you’re completely out of ammo, a strange quirk will cause the tanks to explode if you jump on them from enough distance and height. That’ll surprise ‘em (and kill you).

5) Cockpit: The cockpit of this bit of wreckage is a good place to hide when defending the bombsite within it. You’re backed into a corner and exposed to grenade attacks, but headstrong enemies will often run into the plane too quickly to catch you before you aerate their chests with bullets.


Description: The uncharacteristic, but entirely welcome setting – the roof of an unfinished skyscraper, and parts of its interior office space and access passages – makes Highrise a gem of a map. It’s also full of strategic quirks, choke points, and sniping spots if you know where to look for them. Expect average players to hover around the interior sections at opposite sides of the map, and run through the central throughways.

1) Beams: These suspended beams can (and should) be utilized, though don’t run around on them for too long because they offer little cover. What they do offer is a path to the second floor of the northern interior, which is a great place to hunker down and practice marksmanship. You can leap onto one of these beams from the helipad on the right side of the map.

2 and 3) Interiors: The two opposing interiors offer some extra-personal combat. Stay in a crouch and sneak through the cubicles – anyone who foolishly lets their head stick out above one of the half-walls can easily be fragged to pieces through the thin dividers (watch as papers go everywhere). Shotguns (remember these are secondary weapons now) are particularly effective. And remember to use your environment when the opportunity arises – a large copy machine
will explode after being beaten into submission, just like cars.

4) Scaffolding: A bit of scaffolding gives you access to a barely perceptible ledge that runs along the side of the building, which is an excellent secret route for carrying flags or bombs in objective modes. Even if the enemy kills you while you’re carrying the objective, they’ll have a tough time retrieving it from its perch, giving you and your team the opportunity to catch them while they’re distracted.

5) Passageway: There’s a passageway (not visible) which runs across the entire map, from the norther interior to the southern. Here, in the middle, an opening exposes a passage to the air, making lower-level travelers vulnerable for a second. This isn’t the most secretive route – everyone knows its there – but if you’re lucky, you’ll make it to the other side and pop up behind the opposing team without tipping anyone off. Slaughter time!

6) Parkour Opp: There’s a piece of scaffolding hanging out about 10 feet from the edge of the building here. If you enjoy a little parkour, and don’t mind dying a few times, you can leap from the building , grab onto scaffolding by pressing the Jump/Action button, climb it like a ladder, shimmy across a slither of the ledge, walk up another piece of scaffolding, and reach the roof of
the southern interior – the highest point of the map. You might also find a little surprise up there!

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Re: Some map and stragities guide

Post by jacko333 on Mon Dec 28, 2009 12:41 pm

Lol i just can't be screwed reading all that but i will later. In these kinda games i no how to play to win and get less deaths but i find it easier to come rambo style through the buildings. Unless i'm snipin, then i just keep a high altitude and move slowly through the map so no running lol.
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Re: Some map and stragities guide

Post by llST3V3ll on Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:13 pm

wow lot of info there
nice though i'll check it out, might get some g idea's
thnx Smile
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Re: Some map and stragities guide

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