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Mike Myres

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Mike Myres

Post by xboxjaw2 on Sun May 02, 2010 3:29 am

Mike Myres is a game that can be played on mw2 its a very easy game simple rules.
Its like hide and seek or tag, there is somone in and they have to try to chase down and knife the other players on the other team the other team cant kill Mike who is the the one u have to run away from mike can only knife and u have to just run and hide from him....... when there is mike and 1 other player left thats when they try to kill each other this is hosted in a private match so anyone with awesome connection can host its best played in TDM unlimted Time!!!!! WANNA PLAY ADD XBOXJAW2and we will get a party together!!!!

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Re: Mike Myres

Post by Jackarseboyz on Sun May 02, 2010 3:43 am

Nice idea, similar to the halo 3 game modes and stuff people create

Moved to MW2 section though

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