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Post by Jackarseboyz on Sun Dec 06, 2009 5:47 am

They're not hard rules so please oblige:


1. No unflamed derogatory comments to other members
2. No triple posting, double posting will be allowed if the post is over an hour after the last
3. No racial slurs
4. No hardcore porn
5. Don't troll or start flame wars
6. Acknowledge, Respect and Use your points of contact if you need to (Admins, Mods, Full Members) in that order
7. No Spam messages
8. Members that join the site are to be gamers, we do recruit girls and girls are allowed, however girlfriends must be gamers and be just as serious as any other member in this clan. Members (girl or guy boyfriend or girlfriend) that join and do not game and come for social purposes will be banned straight away.

1. Try and keep swearing to a minimum, remember we reflect on the clan
2. Try and Win lol
3. Don't argue with dickheads for the sake of it
4. Your must ALWAYS wear out tag in game unless permission by Macca_96 has been otherwise granted
5. NO HACKING. We cannot stress this subject enough. If you have hacked to 10 prestige in MW:2, you will be eliminated from this board and AuE*

Other Websites:

1. The same as our website
2. We're better, remember that. They are just oblivious to that fact

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Forum/Clan Rules Jackarseboyz
Forum/Clan Rules Sig-5
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